Friday, June 02, 2006

Where did Spring Go?

I arrived to a cool windy spring evening on May 8, 2006.

Is it coming to a month already?

Where did spring go? Wasnt it about 3 weeks ago that the last vestiges of the mild winter was still clinging onto the Big Apple? That "current temperature in your area, mid 40s, wind, NW, 15mph, chance of rain, 20%"?

Before you can say United States of America, long black jackets have given way to tight bright coloured (yes colour, not color, thank you!) t-shirts, in the subway and on the streets, scarfs tear away to reveal jewellery that seem to emerge from their long hibernation. And don't you think you see less people grasping a cuppa on the trains?

Anyone else notice that there seem to be more homeless people on the streets once temperatures push into the 60s? Makes you wonder where they keep warm before this.

Where did Spring Go?


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