Saturday, November 25, 2006

More Xmas-y in Island S?

Its good to be back home on Island S. Besides the welcoming warmth, sunny skies and chilly a/c malls, i missed hawker food too much.

In just 5 short months its amazing that there are already many changes to the sunny little island 4 million of us call home. Checked out the new VIVOcity, an abomination if there's a word for it. I had almost forgotten that Island S boasts one of the highest population density on the planet...and if there's one thing VIVOcity did well for me, it was to remind me of that. No wait, there's another benefit with VIVOcity opening - Orchard Road, Suntec City are now more hospitable!

15 more cinema screens? Have more unique shops instead, i say. I've also gradually remembered how after a while all the malls look the same...corner Watsons/Guardian, an anchor hypermart and retailer, hair salons to last a lifetime, blah blah. Why don't make VIVO city a new retail experience, with unique flagship stores, daring retail concepts and displays (a la Ginza, Fifth Avenue etc), instead of more of the same old? Ya, and GAP doesnt count la.

What would my ideal VIVOcity be like?
- An Apple Flagship Store
- A anime/comics/figurines/model trains, ships, planes store
- A giant Toys r us with a ferris wheel/merlion or perhaps mini cable car rides for the kids.
- A museum...of shopping! and a museum of food!
- 3 food courts with the charm of food republic (a laudable effort) and the tastes of glutton square
- An Asian Madam Tussaud's? Zhang Ziyi floating in mid air brandishing a sword at Andy Lau, Fann Wong staring down Zoe Tay at the Star Awards...oh the possibilities!
- A giant atrium where you can display promotional stuff like the latest James Bond movie car/Bond Girl, an Xmas tree, and yes a God of Fortune when its Chinese New Year, or maybe a life one, who gives out angpows to people who have been good the past year. His mini "temple" can be next to the fortune teller's/fengshui master's booths.
- For the tourists, an STB visitor center, a Singapore products showcase (vacuum packed Bakwa, ya)
- Hard Rock Cafe with the car sticking out the facade...but instead of an American car, it should be a know..localisation..